Joy-Adopted 4/21/19

I Cannot Believe How Lucky I Am


I went from the bottom to the top overnight. Look at my beautiful new family.

I Have The Most Amazing Sister In the World


I fell in love with her at first sight.

And I Already Have Her Wrapped Around My Paw.


My sister loves to give me belly rubs. I am so in love with my whole new family.

Robin-Adopted 4/19/19

Go Me!


Which one is my Mommy and which one is my sister?

I think I am in love.


I just love them so much. I am so 

What a wonderful day for me.


Together we are like Charlie's Angels.

Champ-Adopted 4/17/19

So I could be the fastest adoption in the world.


My new Mom fell in love with me and adopted me immediately.

I have a new brother and an awesome Mommy.


I know my old Mommy loved me so much to place me with this amazing new Mommy.

I have a beautiful future.


And I couldn't be more excited. But for now, I think I will take a nap in my new home.

Wren-Adopted 4/15/19

Okay, fine.


I  guess I am pretty cute. They  really  loved  me. And my Mommy is really cute, herself.

I have the coolest new brother in the world.


I love  him  so  much.  Somebody pinch me.

So guess where I am Furever?


You guessed it. I am at my new furever home. I am the luckiest little girl ever and I know it. Sweet dreams everyone. I have to go inside and hang with my new family.

Duke-Adopted 4/13/19


Duke's My Name

Adopted is my game.


I have a huge new family.

And I already love them so much.


My new lucky number is 13.

The day I was adopted by my new family.

Sugar-Adopted 4/13/19


I'm home!

My Mommy came today!


I will be loved furever!

How lucky can one girl be?


Thanks for all your support friends

But you don't have to worry about me anymore. My new Mommy is going to love me and keep me safe furever.

Ruben-Adopted 4/4/19


Don't be jealous of me

Just because I have the greatest new Mommy in the world.


And because my Mommy and I

Will watch basketball together.


And because I can see green and love

Everywhere I go. Thank you  Furever We Love for finding me the best Mommy for me.

Benji-Adopted 3/26/19


I did it!

I found my furever Mommy and Daddy!


Okay, folks. This is the lesson.

Never give up! Look how much I won. My Mommy and Daddy's love furever.


Well, I have a lot of loving to do.

Thank you to everyone who loved me and helped me get here. with my amazing family.

Maddie-Adopted 3/24/19


Check out my new awesome family.

I lucked put with these guys. Now there are two girls, me and mommy, and two boys. 


I cannot wait to run and play with my super cool brothers.

We are going to have so much fun together. I cannot wait.


I am so excited to see where I will live furever.

Thank you my new amazing family for giving me a furever home. I love you so much!

Gabby and Peanut-Adopted 3/17/19


Please don’t be jealous everyone,

It’s just that my sister and I really deserve this kind of love.


Every little girls loves her Daddy.

Our Mommy is an amazing cook and our Daddy was in the Navy. They will be married 50 years this summer. And they already really love us.


Thank you Furever We Love,

For helping to make our dreams come true.



I have my new furever family.

I love you Mommy, Daddy, Ali, Bub and Riley!


I will be hanging in the country

Playing in my new home with so many new friends. I can't wait.

And in the summer

Mommy and Daddy are taking us all to Disney World. I get to go , too!

Tyson-Adopted 3/10/19


Lucky Little Me

I have new human siblings.


And a new canine sister.

How lucky could one little boy be?


Plus the most wonderful new Mommy,

Who wanted me to join her family. I love them all so much!

Addie-Adopted 3/8/19


Today I won the lottery.

It started out with me being in a metal cage and ended in heaven on earth.


And moved into my new home with 3 new sisters.

I have a new Mommy and Daddy who super love me and will Be furever loved. My Daddy is a stud, Isn’t he?


Thank you Mommy and Daddy.

Even though I am an older little lady, everyone needs a Mommy and Daddy to love them. Thank you for choosing me. I love you.

Henrietta-Adopted 3/4/19


Check me out.

I have a new super duper Mom!


We are both so happy.

Every daughter needs her Mommy.


I fell asleep on my Mommy's lap.

And tonight I get to cuddle in bed with her all night.

Toby-Adopted 3/2/19


I will always love my Daddy Dale but I really love my new mommy, Wendy.

I was adopted today. I am so happy.


I have the most beautiful Mom.

And she is so gentle with me. She knows I have had a lot of transition. I love her patience.


I have a grandma, too.

How lucky can one dog be?

Piper-Adopted 3/1/19


I made it!

I have a new Daddy and I am so lucky!


Daddy and Son

We are planning our first fishing trip. Woohoo!!!!


I Really Won The Lottery

My Dad and I have a lot of catching up to do. I will have the best sleep tonight.

Bosley-Adopted 2/16/19


Adopted 2/16/19

I was adopted by my new Mommy. I have her all to myself. We are a team.


My new Mommy, Kathie.

I love her!


We get to watch the Indy 500 together.

I've never seen it but she told me it is awesome.

Louis-Adopted 2/23/19


Adopted 2/23/19. I am a Bennett now!

I love my new last name.


Isn't my mommy the prettiest?

I LOVE her so much.


And my brother Milo

Is the coolest.

Sherman and Dino-Adopted 2/15/19


Adopted 2/15/19

We were adopted by our new Mommy Kim and will be residing on a lakefront home and boating in the summers.

We are so happy. Our new Mommy will be with us furever.

Our new mommy.

Our new mommy will be with us furever.


She is taking us on a shopping spree. We never had one before.

From rescued, to our first bath, to our feeling love. We are lucky pups!